• Check out the latest research on partisanship and the pandemic from John Lapinski and Marc Trussler of PORES, along with collaborators from partner institutions. This research found that partisanship, rather than concerns about health, was the main driver in influencing behaviors during the pandemic.

  • The latest issues of Omnia from the College of Arts and Sciences includes spotlights on the achievements of PORES students.

  • In this 60-Second Lecture, PORES affiliated professor Dr. Marc Meredith explores how the Covid-19 virus has affected how American vote.

  • Students from political science, engineering, economics, and majors across the university spent the week analyzing public health and public opinion data related to COVID-19 in a pandemic-themed hack-a-thon hosted by PORES.

  • Join PORES Faculty Director John Lapinski in a Q&A with Rashida Jones, SVP at NBC News and MSNBC, to discuss media and politics in 2020.

  • The Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies (PORES) invites you to join us at these upcoming events around campus, including an evening of Public Policy in Practice with Rick Wade and a Book Talk with Shandana Khan Mohmand.

  • Please join the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies in welcoming Elaine Kamarck, Senior Fellow and Director for the Center for Effective Public Management at the Brookings Institution, to campus on November 8, 2019 for her lecture, “Nominating the presidential candidates in 2020 – what do you need to know?”.

  • Please join the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies for a number of upcoming guest speakers, including Jon Cohen, the Chief Research Officer at SurveyMonkey, and Charlie Cook, Editor and Publisher of the Cook Political Report.

  • The 3rd annual Election Sciences, Reform, and Administration conference will take place at the University of Pennsylvania on July 11-12, 2019.

    The invitation-only conference brings together election experts from academia, state and local government, non-profits, and research institutes to develop empirical approaches to the study of how law and administrative procedures affect the quality of elections in the United States.

  •  On Thursday, November 29, Robert Yoon, the former Director of Political Research for CNN, will be speaking at a variety of events on campus.