What We Do

The Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies (PORES) is an undergraduate research program committed to conducting high-quality social research in the public interest on issues of national and international importance.

PORES aims to develop a data-driven approach to understanding political outcomes in the United States through public opinion survey research and poll analysis.

The program provides Penn undergraduate students valuable training in public opinion theory and research through specialized courses, mentoring and hands-on instruction with leading industry organizations.


  • Conduct public opinion polls on nationally significant topics
  • Build databases and user interfaces to examine turnout, early voting, exit polls, census and public opinion data
  • Sponsor conferences, seminars and other public forums with experts drawn from the Penn academic community, media, elections and survey research¬†
  • Teach on-campus and virtual courses in survey research and data analytics
  • Instruct undergraduate students in the science of conducting and analyzing surveys through research fellowships¬†
  • Implement a cross-disciplinary minor in Survey Research and Data Analytics ¬†